Domaine Le Fay d’Homme & Vine Revival, 2016 Update

It was good to recently catch up again with Vincent Caillé. When I first tasted his wines, which was only during the past couple of years, I was really impressed by the quality, especially from his crus communaux cuvées. He has been producing a top-notch Monnières-Saint-Fiacre for some time now, probably for as long as anyone else in the region, but in the 2012 vintage he added a Gorges cuvée to his portfolio. Two very good reasons, I think, to stop by for a tasting with Vincent.

Domaine Le Fay d'Homme & Vine Revival

Having said that, while I tasted both these crus communaux wines, what really struck me on this occasion were Vincent’s older cuvées. Having tasted and drunk a lot of older Muscadet I am no longer surprised by its ability to age. It isn’t the accepted world view of Muscadet though, and I suppose that for many years to come Muscadet will have to endure the attentions of wine writers who make their inaugural visit to the region and then ‘discover’ for the first time that the wines can age, or that there has been a slow-burning crus communal revolution during the past twenty-or-so years, or simply that the wines are more deliciously true to their mineral origins they had ever anticipated (which is perhaps one of the most delightful characteristics of these wines). For me, however, these different facets of Muscadet are now given, and my explorations in this region largely revolve around understanding new vintages, and getting to grips with vignerons and domaines I don’t know so well. Such as Vincent, for example.

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