Sébastien Brunet, 2015 Update

Vouvray is an appellation that covers several communes, and it is many years now since I first learned to look beyond the back-street cellars of the town, and even beyond the commune of the same name, to discover all the appellation has to offer. First there was François Pinon up in the Vallée de Cousse, then Vincent Carême and Peter Hahn in and around Vernou-sur-Brenne, more recently still Florent Cosme, representing Noizay.

Sébastien Brunet

Now it is time to look even further. Take a drive along the valley of the Brenne and we soon come across Chançay and then Reugny, two communes also eligible for the Vouvray appellation. Here we are on the deuxièmes côtes, a mish-mash of slopes that surround the Brenne and the little valleys that cut into the plateau on either side. Here flint and clay dominate, rather than the limestone of the première côte. Who will fly the flag for these Vouvray backwaters? In truth there are many domaines here, but one of the most interesting is surely that of Sébastien Brunet.

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