Domaine de la Pépière, 2016 Update

I seem to have met up with a number of my favourite Muscadet vignerons twice during the first few months of 2016. Happily this is no hardship, because with both the succulent acid-rich 2014 and fruit-rich, polished 2015 vintages coming through, there are plenty of good wines to get stuck into.

This look at the latest releases from Domaine de la Pépière is another ‘double-tasting’ report, although with my pedantic hat on (I wear this quite a lot, as I am sure most readers will by now have realised) it’s not strictly true to say I met the same vigneron twice, although I have tasted the wines of the domaine twice. The first occasion was in the Loire Valley, when I met up with the man himself, Marc Ollivier, along with the latest recruit to the team, Gwénaëlle Croix. Then in April I met up with Rémi Branger in London, to taste again. So in fact, over the course of the two tastings, I met the entire Pépière team.

Most of the wines I tasted with Marc (pictured above) back in April were from the 2015 vintage, and I deposited all six tasting notes in my Muscadet 2015 tasting report. Here I publish a couple of left-over notes from that tasting, in particular for the two recently bottled 2013 cru communal wines, together with some notes on wines I tasted with Rémi a couple of months later in London. Where I tasted the same wine twice (this only applies to one cuvée) I have simply amalgamated the notes into one.

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