The Kings of Muscadet, 2010

What retribution from the Ligérian gods of wine (surely there are such deities in existence?) would I suffer if I attended the 2011 Renaissance tasting in Angers while I still possessed, secreted on the depths of a hard drive somewhere, a host of unpublished notes penned during my two days there during 2010? Would these notes return to haunt my dreams, the labels marching past in rank and file, Alice in Wonderland style, while I quietly drown somewhere nearby in a vat of bubbling Muscadet? Or would I merely be struck down by some terrible plague, sent down from above by the god of biodynamics. Such as what? A really nasty case of oidium, perhaps?

The Kings of Muscadet

With the weight of these terrible afflictions weighing on my mind I had better get on with bringing these notes out into the light of day. One of my aims for the year (you might want to take this with a pinch of salt – these plans don’t always come to full fruition in the way I would like) during 2011 is to overhaul at least some of my Loire wine guide, and indeed I have already started with January’s overhaul of my Muscadet guide. And so with that completed update still fresh in my mind I thought I should tackle two of the more regal vignerons of the Nantais first, Guy Bossard (pictured above) of Domaine de l’Ecu and Jo Landron (pictured below) of Domaine de la Louvetrie.

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