Michel Autran, 2018 Update

Vouvray has seen something of a renaissance over the past decade, the appellation having seen the arrival of a smorgasbord of new talent. Prominent among this merry band of newly active vignerons is Michel Autran, a doctor who swapped his stethoscope for secateurs (sensible chap!), throwing in the towel on his previous career in favour of a life in the vineyard and cellar. He is, like many of these newcomers, a friend and protégé of Vincent Carême, who is without a doubt the most successful of all the new arrivals on the scene.

Michel Autran

Michel (pictured above) started small, having begun just with a few vines in Les Enfers, followed by the acquisition of some vines at a second site, Le Ciel Rouge. His little portfolio of vines thus expanded, and it now includes two sparkling cuvées, one made with Chenin Blanc, the other a mix of teinturier and non-teinturier Gamay (sometimes blended with a little Chenin Blanc too). His house style leans towards a strictness or even austerity, but the wines are always worth a look.

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