Le Clos de la Meslerie, 2016 Update

I recall my first meeting with Peter Hahn, and the feeling of relief that at last, while Montlouis seemed to be on a roll with an energetic revitalisation, there was at last some flickering signs of life in Vouvray beyond the big four or five domaines. That encounter was quite a few years ago now, and since then I have revisited the wines more than once or twice, visited the domaine in person for barrel tastings with Peter, and I have been a keen follower of his progress through seven vintages. It has been an enjoyable journey, as during this time I have seen the vineyard yield wines of sweet beauty in the benevolent vintages, to drier and frankly mineral wines in those years that posed more of a challenge. While the style may vary a little, the quality of Peter’s remains generally high, regardless of what the year has thrown at him and his vines.

Le Clos de la Meslerie

On this most recent encounter with Peter (pictured above) there were two new wines to taste, not only the latest vintage from Le Clos de l Meslerie but also a new project, a sparkling wine. I have known this latter project has been in Peter’s mind for sometime, so this was an exciting opportunity to taste his creation.

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