Lionel Gosseaume, 2019 Update

It can be tough making your mark in the Touraine appellation, a very broad wine region which could be accused, especially with recent changes in appellation regulations, of fostering mediocrity and anonymity. Lionel Gosseaume (pictured below) is one who has, however, managed to establish a good reputation while working within the confines of this regional appellation, helped by tending some select parcels of wines, planted with at least one rare variety alongside all the Touraine staples. He has also benefitted from one of the more positive developments in the appellation, the creation of the Touraine Oisly appellation, but I suspect his success is largely down to dedication and a strong commitment to making drinkable wines of good quality.

Lionel Gosseaume

In this most recent tasting with Lionel I checked out five of his most recent releases.

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