Jo Landron, 2015 Update

While some Muscadet vignerons seem to be shifting their focus to new wines from unusual varieties with funky labels and wax capsules, others such as Jo Landron (pictured below) just keep on doing what they do best, which as it happens is turning out some of the most vibrant, textured, punchy examples of Muscadet that exist. Although quality varies from vintage to vintage (only naturally so, this is true of all domaines, even the greatest) and there is the almost obligatory wood-fermented cuvée (but even Marc Ollivier and his gang, with their Clos Cormerais cuvée, are guilty of this) to act as the perennial fly in the ointment, quality across the board here is simply splendid.

Jo Landron

Indeed, every time I have come to taste with Jo I find a number of high quality wines, and occasionally one that is truly wonderful. Often the latter wine turns out to be the latest incarnation of the Fief du Breil, and this most recent tasting occasion was no exception to this rule.

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