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Jo Landron, 2013 Update

Jo Landron, 2013 Update

This report brings together two sets of notes from my recent encounters with Jo Landron (pictured below) of Domaine de la Louvetrie. One was very recent, just a couple of months ago, when I met Jo in Angers. On that occasion I tasted wines from the 2012. 2011 and 2010 vintages, and as I have already included those from 2012 in my Muscadet 2012 report, I am left with just three notes here. Prior to this meeting I also met Jo last year in London, and that time I tasted wines from the 2011 and 2010 vintages only. Those notes have sat on a back burner for a while as worked on various behind-the-scenes developments at Winedoctor, but with these newer notes ready for publication it is time for them all to see the light of day.

Jo Landron

Although I would prefer to deal with the more recent notes first, these being a little more current, it is really necessary to look first at the wines tasted in London in 2012. It is only by doing this that comments on the wines tasted more recently can be put into the correct context. There were just two wines from the 2011 vintage on this first encounter, and these were the wines that gave me the most concern. Please bear in mind that when I tasted the wines in May 2012 I was aware, having by then already tasted the wines of many lesser estates, that the vintage had a huge problem with rot. Having said that I had, only a few months before, also tasted many different 2011 cuvées from vat and tank at Domaine Luneau-Papin, finding every one to be clean and sharp. Their success, the wines showing well against the odds, led me to the perhaps naive conclusion that high-flying domaines such Luneau-Papin, Jo Landron, Domaine de la Pépière and others were somewhat immune from the effects of the vintage. The fruit had been picked, the rot sorted out and discarded, the healthy fruit fermented. And – hey presto! – lovely wines to be had. Unfortunately at least one or perhaps two wines tasted here, as well as tastings at other domaines, soon dissuaded me from this erroneous belief.

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