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Domaine Huet, 2022 Update

Domaine Huet, 2022 Update

Before 2021 came to an end I was pleased to be able to meet up with the team from Domaine Huet (which probably needs no introduction but which is one of the leading domaines in Vouvray) to taste a quartet of recent releases. Then, in March 2022, a second opportunity came along, when I tasted a slightly different quartet of wines. It was good to be able to taste a couple of the wines twice, as I haven’t reported on this domaine for a few years. Most pleasing of all – besides from tasting the wines, of course – was being able to get a very precise lowdown on recent vintages from Benjamin Joliveau.

Perhaps readers already know, but following the departure of Noël Pinguet in 2012 it was Jean-Bernard Berthomé who took on the role of winemaker, maintaining a legacy of high-quality work which stretches all the way back to the days of Victor Huet, who purchased the domaine in 1928. Jean-Bernard has now also retired, having said goodbye to the domaine in 2019. Given that the first vintage released under the Domaine Huet label was 1919 (stock acquired by Victor when he purchased the domaine from Charles Massé), you could regard this as Huet’s centenary vintage. What a moment to depart!

Domaine Huet

Jean-Bernard’s winemaking role has now been taken on by Benjamin Joliveau (pictured above), who was working in the vines during this time. It was useful to hear his summary of the 2019 and 2020 vintages, which I scribbled down as best I could.

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