Domaine des Forges, 2013 Update

I first encountered the wines of Domaine des Forges in a serendipitous auction purchase; in a tactic I refer to as bottom-feeding, my usual practice at auction is not to hoover up all the Petrus and Château Latour (if you’re going to spend that sort of money, why not look to the merchants for better provenance and probably better prices too?) but instead to look around for older, more obscure lots, sometimes a mixture of oddments and orphans. Such motley assortments, unloved by the label drinkers, can sometimes be secured with a rock-bottom bid, and yet they often yield some real charmers. In this fashion, one day I ended up with nine bottles of Coteaux du Layon Onnis from Domaine des Forges; the wine was extraordinarily good, far outweighing my expectations. A little research soon suggested why; the lieu-dit Les Onnis is directly contiguous with the Quarts de Chaume vineyards, in particular the lieu-dit La Poueze, at the western edge of the appellation. Les Onnis has, unsurprisingly, been a favourite of mine ever since.

Domaine des Forges

The portfolio here is not limited to the sweet wines of this famous vineyard though; Domaine des Forges is an Anjou generalist, turning out a rather smart range of wines under the Anjou Blanc and Rouge appellations, Savennières, Crémant de Loire and more. I recent had the opportunity, in a tasting with Séverine Branchereau (pictured above), to take a look at some of the latest releases, all but two from the 2011 vintage.

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