Florent Cosme, 2023 Update

The past year has been a time for reconnecting with the vignerons of Vouvray (and, to be honest, any other Loire Valley appellation you care to name). While I have gone to some lengths to keep up to date with the wines of the leading names of the appellation, in particular Vincent Carême, others I have not tasted with for several years, largely of course because of Covid-19.

Let’s hope we do not see a return to travel restrictions during the course of 2023.

Florent Cosme

Putting that thought to one side, one young vigneron I haven’t tasted with for a few years is Florent Cosme. If the name seems familiar it might be because he is the son of a local winemaking family which boasts generations of history working in the appellation. His older brother Mathieu Cosme runs what was the family domaine, which originally went by the name of Domaine de Beaumont. Florent, meanwhile, struck out on his own, establishing a small domaine based in some rather bijou cellars at the foot of the première côte in Noizay (upstream of both Vouvray and Vernou-sur-Brenne). He also works with Vincent Carême, which if memory serves me correctly was where I first met him.

I have enjoyed some of Florent Cosme’s wines in the past, and was therefore glad for the opportunity to meet with him and taste some of his latest releases.

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