Florent Cosme, 2018 Update

I wrote in my recent report on a fantastic Vincent Carême Retrospective, featuring wines from his first ever vintage, 1999, through to the most recent, that Vincent Carême had helped to revolutionise the appellation of Vouvray. He achieved this not only through his own presence here, and the quality of his own wines, but also through the mentorship and tutelage of a number of young up-and-coming vignerons in the appellation. One such young acolyte is Florent Cosme (pictured below), who I first visited back in the summer of 2014. When I was last in Vouvray I was delighted to be able to catch up with Florent once more, and to taste two of his most recently bottled wines, from the 2017 vintage.

Florent Cosme

When I first visited Florent he was taking the fruit from his two principal parcels, La Motte and Les Champs Rougets, and putting them into his sparkling wines, in the case of the former, and into still wines, from sec through to moelleux if the vintage warranted it, in the case of the latter. These he did under trendy ‘brand’ names such as Coup de Fougue, Utopia and Audace. On this occasion I was glad to see he has switched to naming his wines for the parcel of origin.

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