Domaine des Aubuisières, 2023 Update

I come now to the tenth instalment of this saga of Vouvray reports, with the latest from Domaine des Aubuisières. If I recall correctly my original and admittedly rather vague plan was for a dozen reports, with just the wines of Alain Robert and Julien Pinon to go. Having just returned from two weeks of tasting in the Loire Valley though, taking in the various February salons and making a few visits, followed by few days at Wine Paris, I think it is inevitable that this little series of reports will be extended.

For the moment, however, let us concentrate on Domaine des Aubuisières, and perhaps the most significant of all these reports. Because at this domaine, located on the Rue de la Vallée de Nouy, sandwiched between the vineyards of Le Bouchet and the Clos du Bourg (to the south), and the Clos Baudoin (to the north), we do not just have new cuvées or new vintages to consider, we also have a new vigneron at the helm. Domaine des Aubuisières, pushed to the front of the Vouvray stage during the 1980s by Bernard Fouquet, has recently changed hands.

Domaine des Aubuisières

The new name to know in Vouvray is Charles Lesaffre.

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