Domaine Boutet Saulnier: Vineyards

As noted in my introduction to the domaine, the 13 hectares are scattered in a parcellated fashion across the plateau, above the Boutet Saulnier cellars. These are located in a prime spot on the Rue de la Vallée Chartier, which slices through the première côte, climbing from the valley floor up to the plateau.

The soils are naturally dominated by the clay and limestone mix that is typical of the première côte vineyards, and unsurprisingly the vines are 100% Chenin Blanc.

Most of these micro-parcels feed into domaine-level sec and sparkling cuvées, but the two aforementioned parcels are of special interest, each being the source of a cuvée parcellaire, and they therefore deserve more detailed examination.

Clos Dubois

The Clos Dubois is located on the very edge of the première côte, hidden from view behind some ancient, rather tumble-down walls. Writing in Les Vins de Loire (Parisienne d’Editions Techniques et Commerciales, 1956), Pierre Bréjoux included it as one of the 27 most renowned clos in the commune of Vouvray.

Domaine Boutet Saulnier

The clos is quite easy to locate as it sits in the eastern part of the lieu-dit of Le Peu Morier (and so is not far from Vincent Carême’s vines in the same lieu-dit), directly above Château des Bidaudières.

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