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Château Moncontour: Vineyards & Wines

Château Moncontour: Vineyards

Much of my exploratory adventures in Vouvray have been focused on the domaines north or east of the town of Vouvray itself. Tucked into the northern part of the town, for example, are Champalou and Bernard Fouquet, while to find Philippe Foreau and Domaine Huet you have to strike out towards the east. Keep going in that direction and you will come to Vernou-sur-Brenne, where numerous other noteworthy domaines can be found, from Vincent Carême and Le Clos de la Meslerie to Michel Autran and Florent Cosme. The vineyards on the western side of Vouvray, in Rochecorbon, by contrast, I have explored much less frequently. I have visited, calling in on the likes of Domaine de la Fontainerie, but I am less familiar with these roads.

Château Moncontour

Nevertheless, as I have already detailed in my Domaine de la Fontainerie profile, the lieux-dits of L’Echeneau and Moncontour were listed by Auguste Chauvigné in his Monographie de la Commune de Vouvray (Péricat, Tours, 1908) as being among the top crus of the region. These vineyards are, to put them in the context of the appellation, perfectly situated on the première côte. Whereas La Croix Buisée to the east of Vouvray has Le Mont (Domaine Huet), Les Perruches (Philippe Foreau) and Les Girardières (Bernard Fouquet), Le Petit Coteau to the west has the vineyards of the Quarts de Moncontour.

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