Domaine du Clos des Aumônes: Tasting & Drinking

Benoît Coulon is an interesting new addition to the Vouvray wine scene. Working from rather functional facilities, he is turning out an attractive array of wines. His ethos is one of practicality and reflects the fact he is only just starting out in the appellation, but he clearly has aspirations, and the failed conversion to organics which marked the start of the 2021 season will not be his last attempt. And his aim is to produce smaller volumes of wines, but at a higher quality (and thus presumably worthy of higher prices), which all seems very admirable.

I hope Benoît gets a break from some of the trials of recent vintages in Vouvray, which includes frost (the new universal scourge of French vineyards), hail and rampant mildew. I look forward to tasting more from him in the future. (14/12/22)

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