Domaine des Aubuisières: Wines

The harvest occurs in several tries and is pressed using pneumatic equipment before transfer into fermentation vessels under a protective blanket of carbon dioxide to prevent oxidation and reduce the use of the preservative and anti-oxidant sulphur dioxide. Exactly how each cuvée is managed by Bernard and more recently Charles depends on its origins, how it has been harvested, its residual sugar and so on; I provide more specific detail below.

The Silex Cuvées

All three of the flint terroirs are typically combined into a single dry entry-level cuvée rather tellingly christened Cuvée de Silex, a wine which is fermented in thermo-regulated steel cuves and which subsequently sees no oak. It is not a bone-dry sec cuvée in the style of Philippe Foreau, and is closer to a sec-tendre style, with a residual sugar between 8 and 10 g/l. This may give it more than a slight suggestion that it is off-dry. Nevertheless, such is the intensity of flavour and fruit richness the wine can still give the unwary taster the impression that it possesses much more residual sugar than it does.

Domaine des Aubuisières

The vines in Les Girardières, the first of the aforementioned three silex vineyards, can also yield a demi-sec cuvée which does by the name of the lieu-dit of origin, Les Girardières; as with the Cuvée de Silex this is also fermented in thermoregulated steel cuves.

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