Château Léoville-Barton: The Barton Family

The history of the Barton family may be traced back to 1722, when Irishman Thomas Barton (1695 – 1780) left his native Curraghmore for foreign shores, eventually settling in Bordeaux. Here he established himself, trading in wine, this region being a natural choice for such a venture; not only was there a ready supply of fine wines, but also a major Atlantic seaport for shipping overseas.

Château Léoville-Barton

Hugh Barton

Thomas enjoyed considerable success, and by 1745 he was sufficiently flush to purchase Château Le Boscq in St Estèphe. Thomas remained in Bordeaux, actively buying and selling wine, and many of his descendants have been no less active in the wine trade. One who wasn’t interested though was William Barton, his son, who resided in Ireland and showed little interest in Bordeaux and its wines. William had nine children though, six sons and three daughters, and of these the fourth son Hugh seemed ready to take on the family business.

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