Domaine Réthoré Davy, 2018 Update

“There’s a Rhône Valley vigneron about to plant Syrah north of Dijon”, opined the eminent wine writer. “It’s an amazing event”, he continued, “the first time Syrah has ever been planted so far north”.

I scratched my head and thought about that for a moment or two; something wasn’t quite right about it. Not immediately able to put my finger on what it was that was bothering me, I decided to let it pass. This decision stood for about five seconds, principally because that was how long it took for the eminent wine writer to repeat his latest favourite factoid.

“Quite amazing – the first time”, raising his voice a little and putting particular emphasis on these last two words, “Syrah will have moved north of Dijon”.

Domaine Réthoré Davy

At this point a slightly different synaptic circuit fired, one that seemingly connected my memory of Christophe Réthoré’s wines, and my mouth.

“There’s Syrah in the Loire Valley”, I blurted out. “Christophe Réthoré of Domaine Réthoré Davy has some planted on the western edge of Anjou. The wine is pretty good.”

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