Château Pierre-Bise, 2022 Update

It feels like several years have passed since I was last able to catch up with the Papin family, and the wines they make at Château Pierre-Bise. That is probably because several years have passed. Two years, to be precise. To be honest though, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, this is true of many of the domaines which I seek to follow in the Loire Valley.

Nevertheless I was particularly pleased to see René Papin when I set foot in Anjou earlier this year. I try to taste widely in the region, so any trip here can see me tasting with dozens of vignerons. But any trip to Anjou which concludes without a tasting of the wines of Château Pierre-Bise feels somehow incomplete. Especially given that this is one of a select list of domaines in Anjou where I regularly find myself buying, cellaring and drinking the wines into maturity.

Château Pierre-Bise

René was on particularly good form on the day, as he poured his current selection of wines from the Anjou, Savennières, Coteaux du Layon and Quarts de Chaume appellations. Before we come to those wines, though, I thought a quick recap on the domaine’s history and standing might be worthwhile.

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