Nicolas Reau, 2016 Update

I first met Nicolas Reau back in April 2014, more than two years ago. Having left behind a life training as a pianist (a surprise, as he looks as though he might be more familiar with the rugby field than Rachmaninoff) in order to study wine, he landed a job working in Chinon. A year or two later he acquired the Clos des Treilles in Sainte-Radegonde, and ultimately it seems as though he left his work in Chinon behind. Chinon’s loss was, I think, Anjou’s gain.

Nicolas Reau

The Wines

The first wines I tasted were from the 2013 vintage, a vibrant and punchy Clos des Treilles, pure Chenin Blanc from oak but with not a hint of wood to be seen in the wine, and the 2013 Pompois, 100% Cabernet Franc. The former was delightful, embryonic, carrying a little residual sugar and a frisson of carbon dioxide too, but it was brimming with promise. The 2013 vintage was one which permitted the production of fine whites, but Nicolas Reau’s success with Pompois was more surprising, this being a vintage that was very difficult for reds. I was impressed.

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