François Crochet, 2023 Update

I adore the Sauvignons and Pinots of the Central Vineyards, from the famous names of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, through to less regularly exalted appellations such as the Coteaux du Giennois. I admit, therefore, that I am perhaps guilty of not giving them sufficient column inches here on Winedoctor.

So let’s redress the balance a little, with some recent notes on the 2022 and 2021 vintages from François Crochet.

François Crochet

François Crochet is based in Bué (that much is a given; after all, isn’t everybody named Crochet based in Bué?), which being situated on the western side of the Sancerre appellation is naturally dominated by Oxfordian soils, with a touch of Kimmeridgian if you look hard enough. He has vines in the majority of the commune’s most highly regarded lieux-dits, these being Chêne Marchand, Grand Chemarin and Petit Chemarin.

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