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Sebastien Riffault

Sébastien Riffault

Riffault is not that unusual a name in and around the town of Sancerre. The first one I ever encountered was a Claude Riffault, if I recall correctly. That is perhaps not surprising, as Claude’s wines are of decent quality and widely distributed. But there is Pierre Riffault as well. And Stéphane Riffault; although as he is Claude’s son that is perhaps cheating. And we must not forget Etienne Riffault, nor his son either, who is name Sébastien. In fact this latter name is one we most certainly must not overlook, because Sébastien Riffault is today making some of the most striking and distinctive wines in Sancerre.

Sébastien Riffault

Indeed, they are so distinctive as to be atypical, and so they may not appeal to everybody, especially those looking for a wines with a very classic minerally definition, or even a varietal flavour profile. But if your mind on what Sancerre should be is a little more open, you might just find something very enticing here.

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