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Daniel Crochet

Daniel Crochet

The little village of Bué does not seem to get the same amount of love as its near neighbour Chavignol, which seems to match every Sancerre geek’s idea of heaven. And few of this village’s domaines are mentioned in the same breath as some which are nestled in among the back streets of the town of Sancerre. Nevertheless this is not a village that serious fans of the appellation should overlook. Indeed, when I peer into the depths of my own cellar, or take a look back over my tasting notes from the last decade or two, the wines of Bué feature just as much as those from Chavignol or from Sancerre itself.

Daniel Crochet

Bué, with is huge expanse of limestone vineyards, is in fact home to numerous noteworthy domaines. Of the various names associated with this particular corner of Sancerre perhaps the most commonly encountered is Crochet. They are of course all related in some manner or other, being cousins, or nephews, or uncles. Among their number, flying comfortably under the radar is one Daniel Crochet, an experienced vigneron with at least twenty vintages behind him. He tends a bijou domaine of 10 hectares, including parcels in some of the village’s most prestigious lieux-dits.


Daniel Crochet (pictured above) is a fourth-generation vigneron, the family’s vines having been repeatedly passed down from father to son during the course of the 20th century. As indicated above he is a member of the close-knot Crochet clan. His uncle is Robert Crochet, based just around the corner in Venoize, on the edge of Bué, who turned his vines over to Daniel’s cousin, François Crochet.

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