Domaine Drost, 2023 Update

One of the most significant change of hands we have seen in the Loire Valley during the past few years occurred in Anjou, where Angevin stalwarts Catherine and Philippe Delesvaux decided the time was right to retire, in the process handing over the keys to their cellars to Nils and Ombretta Drost.

I first checked in with Nils and Ombretta – when I took the photograph below – last year, at which time they were still pouring the wines made by Philippe and Catherine (they evidently acquired all the old stock, as well as the vineyards and cellars) with just a single wine made by their own hand, the sparkling New Life cuvée.

Domaine Drost

I stopped off again earlier this year, in the hope of tasting a little more, but Nils was pouring just two wines, again both from 2021, their first vintage. Getting acquainted with this domaine, and getting to grips with the style made here, is obviously going to be a slow process!

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