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All Change: From Delesvaux to Drost, 2022

All Change: From Delesvaux to Drost, 2022

The Anjou region has seen more than the usual degree of turnover during the past few years.

Following the metamorphosis of Pithon-Paillé, which crawled unloved into its chrysalis in 2018, only to emerge as a beautiful Domaine Belargus butterfly later that same year, any number of vineyards and domaines have changed hands. The belle au bois dormant that was Château de Plaisance was awoken following its acquisition by Vanessa Cherruau and her backer, Emmanuel Lemaire. Cédric Bourez arrived, eventually settling next-door to Vanessa on the Butte de Chaume, establishing Le Clos Galerne in the process. Domaine Richou was sold, and reborn as Terra Vita Vinum.

I am sure there are others I have not spotted.

Now we have one more to add to this list. In 2020 Catherine and Philippe Delesvaux, longstanding and widely respected members of the Anjou wine scene, announced they were retiring. and that a buyer for the domaine had already been found. Nils and Ombretta Drost took possession of the domaine in July 2020, and they joined Catherine and Philippe at that point, working their first harvest together. They continued working in association throughout 2021, but from 2022 Nils and Ombretta are on their own.

Domaine Drost

Earlier this year I met up with Catherine, Philippe, Nils and Ombretta to learn a little about the handover to the new proprietors, to hear how the new owners plan to develop the domaine, and to taste their range or wines. Although, for the moment, the portfolio is still dominated by wines made by Catherine and Philippe.

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