Philippe Delesvaux, 2018 Update

The story of Philippe and Catherine Delesvaux and their eponymous domaine began back in the 1970s when Philippe (pictured below), a Parisian, arrived in Anjou to complete his agricultural studies. Transfixed by the beauty of the region, in particular by its rolling vineyards and of course its wines, by the end of the decade he had returned to settle here. He vinified his first vintage in 1978, and he bought his first vineyard in 1983, having up until that point rented his vines. He was joined by his wife Catherine in 1997, just as he was coming to his 20th vintage.

Philippe & Catherine Delesvaux

Today, more than twenty years after they joined forces, Philippe and Catherine continue to turn out a strong set of wines. Their Coteaux du Layons are the highlights of the portfolio, on the radar of many wine drinkers, but although less well known the dry white and red wines should not be overlooked. Not only do the two cuvées of Anjou Blanc frequently provide some charming drinking, the red wines, including a pure Cabernet Sauvignon cuvée, also hold some promise.

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