Château de Bois Brinçon, 2022 Update

Which region or appellation stands as the archetype for Anjou? Perhaps it is the Coteaux du Layon with its steep slopes looking down onto the Layon, its slowly meandering waters glittering beneath summer sunshine, the light dappled with shade from the overhanging trees. Both banks of the river are blanketed in vines and dotted with renowned wine villages, from Faye-d’Anjou all the way down to Saint-Aubin-de-Luigné, settlements which are home to some of the Loire Valley’s most admired viticulteurs and winemakers.

Or perhaps your thoughts turn first to Savennières and its craggy slopes of schist and sand? Or, if you have spent some time exploring the region’s less famous vineyards, maybe you are just as familiar with those along the Aubance and around the town of Brissac-Quincé.

Château de Bois Brinçon, 2022 Update

Well, it is time to broaden our collective Anjou horizons, because the focus of this tasting update – Château de Bois Brinçon – lies in none of these regions. Indeed, sitting some way to the north-east of Brissac-Quincé, it sits much closer to the course of the Loire than it does to the Layon or the Aubance. This is unusual for Anjou, as aside from the vineyards of Savennières and Rochefort-sur-Loire, most of the region’s viticulture is located away from the course of the river.

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