Domaine de la Bergerie, 2014 Update

During a recent visit to the Loire I stayed near Vouvray, but on a couple of occasions I drove down to Saumur and Anjou in order to visit a small handful of selected domaines. In Anjou, I came to Pithon-Paillé, Domaine Ogereau and here, Domaine de la Bergerie; in each case it was a chance to meet and taste with the new generation (Jo & Wendy Paillé and Emmanuel Ogereau in the first two cases), and this visit was no exception, as here I tasted with Anne Guégniard, daughter to Yves and Marie Annick. Anne, pictured below, is now heavily involved in the running of the domaine, which leaves Yves more time to do other things. As I have already mentioned in my 2014 Ogereau update, Yves, Vincent Ogereau and Claude Papin had all gone away to live it up with a fine-dining weekend.

Domaine de la Bergerie

Even though the range of wines here is very broad, and quality very consistent, on the occasion of my most recent visit I was very selective in what I tasted, and I didn’t take notes. I just wanted to hear how the 2014 season was going, and of course to buy a few bottles. I put my money where my mouth is one domaines such as this; I bought a few bottles of the delightful Préambule, as well as several vintages of the hard-to-track-down Quarts de Chaume. Only thoughts of how I would get all my bottles home prevented me from buying more. The notes presented below actually come from an earlier meeting with both Yves and Anne, in February this year, during the 2014 Salon des Vins de Loire.

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