Château Gruaud-Larose: The Faure & Sarget Families

For over half a century the two halves of Château Gruaud-Larose were managed as two distinct entities by their respective owners. The property survived a rampant attack of oidium during the 1850s, followed by a wave of mildew in the 1880s. Then, of course, there came phylloxera. It was a tough time to be the proprietor of a Bordeaux estate.

Château Gruaud-Larose

Suzanne Sophie and her husband Gabriel Adrien Faure had five children, Georges Adrien (1853 – 1918), Marguerite Clémence Charlotte (1855 – 1929), Jeanne (born 1859), Nelly Henriette Charlotte (1863 – 1960) and Charles (born 1871). Of these the estate came under the direction of the eldest son, Georges Adrien Faure. In 1881 he married Jacqueline Wüstenberg (1861 – 1957) and they had two daughters, Odette (1882 – 1965) and Blanche (born 1883). Thus ownership of this half of the estate became even more fragmented. Less is known of how possession of the Sarget section progressed.

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