Domaine Tinel-Blondelet, 2019 Update

The Tinel-Blondelet domaine has been under the direction of Annick Tinel-Blondelet (pictured below) since 1983, which means Annick has now chalked up more than 35 vintages in Pouilly-Fumé, Pouilly-sur-Loire and Sancerre. She has 15 hectares of vines dotted about these three appellations, although just like her sister and her family at Domaine Masson-Blondelet the focus of her work is Pouilly-Fumé.

Domaine Tinel-Blondelet

There are two cuvées here, the first being Génetin, from vines planted on an Oxfordian limestone, a terroir much less common here in Pouilly-Fumé, which is dominated by the trio of Kimmeridgian limestone, Portlandian (or Tithonian if you prefer) limestone and flint, than it is Sancerre, where Oxfordian limestone plays a much more significant role, alongside Kimmeridgian limestone and flint. The second is Arrêt Buffatte, sourced from older vines than those planted at Génetin, this time on a prized Kimmeridgian terroir.

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