Humble Pie with Pithon-Paillé, 2011

First of all, those expecting an article on food or wine matching, and perhaps those unfamiliar with the concept of humble pie, please accept my apologies. For there will be no pie served with this article. This is not, despite erroneous expectations, a feature on food and wine matching. The only things I will be eating here are my words.


Following my report on the latest releases from Pithon-Paillé, tasted in January 2011, Wendy Paillé enquired as to whether she could send some new samples for me to assess. In particular, could she send new bottles of the 2009 Anjou Blanc Mozaïk and 2009 Savennières? Naturally I acquiesced – in fact I was delighted to be given an opportunity to retaste these wines which seemed, when I met them last, to be cut through with a firm and – to me at least – a very undesirable seam of oxidation. At the time I showed due diligence, in that when Wendy asked me how the wines were showing I mentioned that two were showing some notes of oxidation. Ideally, I would have returned to retaste them during the Salon, but having met up on the final day there was simply no such opportunity. Happily, thanks to my recently received samples I have been able to retaste, and the result of doing so is this short tasting report. And I have to confess that my opinion of these wines is now very different, much more in keeping with my thoughts when I tasted them during my visit to Pithon-Paillé in 2010.

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