Domaine Ogereau, 2015 Update

A visit to Anjou doesn’t feel complete without checking in on Domaine Ogereau. This is one of the region’s stalwarts, its reputation really established by Vincent Ogereau, who for more than two decades has been turning out a very fine array of wines from an increasingly broad range of appellations. This is one of the leading domaines in the region, but the Ogereau family are certainly not resting on their laurels. There is a new generation coming up though the ranks here, and there are – as I learnt during the course of this tasting – some interesting new developments in the pipeline too.

Domaine Ogereau

The new generation in question is none other than Emmanuel, Vincent and Catherine Ogereau’s son. Having completed his studies, and having gained some experience working in New Zealand he returned to France in 2013. That year he and Vincent planted up a new vineyard of Chenin Blanc on spilite, near Château Pierre-Bise. Then he was off again to study wine business and marketing in Dijon, before he returned permanently to the family domaine. He now works full time with Vincent. Emmanuel is a charming young guy who I have met several times now, during a visit to the domaine last year and this year in Angers. Here we met so I could taste through the latest wines and hear about the latest developments on the domaine.

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