Château Laulan Ducos, 2009 Update

There can be few estates in the swathe of vineyards entitled to the Médoc appellation, north of St Estèphe, that I am more familiar with than Laulan Ducos. In fact, in view of my tasting experience of this unsung property, I suspect I know none better. Having started with the 2000 vintage, this latest trio of wines sent over by Frédéric Ducos for me to taste completes an unbroken nine-vintage run of tasting the wines of this property. The three wines assessed here are the 2008, 2007 and 2006 vintages, and each seemed very true to form.

Château Laulan Ducos

I started with the 2007, which was lighter then the two that followed, although showed more depth than I expected based on my early impressions of the vintage formed during the primeur tastings in April 2008. I look forward to returning once again to this vintage later this year when it will be in bottle; perhaps there will be one or two surprises?

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