Château La Lagune, 2016 Update

I sauntered into the cuverie at Château La Lagune and found it thronging with eager tasters. Well, to be fair, perhaps ‘thronging’ isn’t quite the right word. For several years now Château La Lagune has graciously hosted the Union des Grands Crus Sauternes tasting during the primeurs week. Although there are always plenty of visitors to the region eager to taste the sweet wines, this tasting never feels quite as busy as those which feature the famous red wine communes, such as Pauillac or St Julien.

Château La Lagune

The tasting is really aimed at the trade visitors rather than the press, but I always stop off here in order to fill in any gaps in my tasting notes, and to retaste any where I have doubts or queries. Trade tastings are much less formal and thus more flexible than the press tastings (especially so, now that the press tasting are hosted at the Stade de Bordeaux) and so it is easy to quickly dip in and out in this manner. Even though the focus of my visit here was the 2015 Sauternes, I think it would have been remiss of me not to also taste the 2015 from Château La Lagune, and so once I had finished with the sweeter wines I tracked down proprietor Caroline Frey (pictured below) and her wine. Not for the first time, I also grabbed the opportunity to taste from a few other bottles she had opened.

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