Château Coufran

The earliest records concerning Château Coufran appear at the end of the 18th century, when the estate was sold by the proprietors, the Brane family. The landlord was none other than Baron Hector de Brane (1746 – 1835), who owned an impressive vineyard portfolio including Château Brane-Mouton, today better known as Château Mouton-Rothschild. In 1791 Baron Hector had fled to Spain, more to escape angry creditors than the Revolution; following his return he was imprisoned, and considering his noble blood and his wealth, as evinced by the size of his estate, he was lucky to escape the guillotine. He was instead jailed for two years, after which he was released, to endure instead the heavy taxation of the new post-Revolution regime.

Château Coufran

Jean-Valère Cabarrus

In 1795 Baron Hector married, and his new wife was Laure de Fumel (1775 – 1813), the wealthy proprietor of Château Margaux. Her wealth came from her uncle, the Comte de Fumel, who had been executed by guillotine in 1794.

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