Château La Lagune, 2015 Update

Perhaps it is my tendency to support the underdog, but I can’t help feeling drawn towards the five cru classé châteaux of the Haut-Médoc. Denied a grander appellation such as Pauillac or St Julien, these châteaux must succeed purely on their own achievements, on the quality of their wines. There are no grand coat-tails nearby that they can hang on to. Merchants like to describe certain châteaux in Pauillac as being a “poor man’s Lafite” or such like, but no such analogy exists out here in the wilderness.

Château La Lagune, 2015 Update

Despite this disadvantage, several of the five seem to do very well for themselves. Not saying which do well and which don’t (in my opinion) is perhaps rather coy, but then perhaps most readers already know my preferences and my ‘soft spots’. Certainly, Château La Lagune is in the lead. And so I was delighted when I called in on the estate recently to not only grab the opportunity to chew the cud with Caroline Frey, proprietor here since the Frey acquisition in 2000, but also to revisit three recent vintages.

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