Domaine de Juchepie, 2015 Update

There are few more welcoming vignerons than Eddy and Mileine Oosterlinck; whether they are standing to attention behind their table at the annual Renaissance tasting in the Greniers Saint-Jean in Angers, or pouring tasting samples at the domaine, which sits to one side of the road between Montbenault and Beaulieu-sur-Layon (to the west) and La Touche and Faye-d’Anjou (to the east), they always have a smile and a welcoming word at the ready. And there are few people turning out finer wines in the Coteaux du Layon appellation, although as I was reminded on the occasion of this tasting, this is a domaine that should not be overlooked when it comes to its dry wines.

Domaine de Juchepie

Here Eddy (pictured above) and I worked our way through three dry wines, all Anjou Blanc, before moving onto the sweet wines. The dry wines, made in very small volumes and evidently popular, tend to sell out quickly, and two vintages tasted here were therefore new to me. When it came to the sweet wines, however, it was rather like an old school reunion. There were a lot of familiar faces.

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