Domaine de la Bergerie, 2022 Update

One of the great pleasures of my trips to the Loire Valley in 2022 has been the opportunity to discover anew the wines of Anjou. In part this journey of rediscovery was fuelled by several tastings and visits at domaines which are new to the Anjou wine scene, some of which have changed hands and seen the arrival of invigorating new blood. My profile of Terra Vita Vinum, published this week, describes one such domaine, although it is far from unique.

On the other hand, I also enjoyed the opportunity to reacquaint myself with a number of Anjou domaines which I have followed for many years, but which for several reasons – Covid-19 being one of them – I have not been able to keep track of in recent times. It was exciting to revisit some of these domaines, because I found that while I have been away they have influenced, and been influenced by, the revolution in style and confidence that has exploded around them in Anjou in recent times.

Domaine de la Bergerie

One of these domaines was Domaine de la Bergerie. I have followed this domain for many years, during which time it was long under the direction of Yves Guégniard. The portfolio here has the traditional Anjou spread, in that Yves produced everything from rosés and whites of varying degrees of tenderness, to imposing, cellar-worthy reds and gloriously botrytised sweet wines. The style and portfolio did not really evolve during Yves Guégniard’s time but it mattered not, as the quality and interest I found within the wines remained so high.

Yves Guégniard has been enjoying a well earned retirement for some years now, and responsibility for the running of the domaine has been passed to the next generation, Anne and Marie, Yves Guégniard’s two daughters. The first of these to step up to this role, working alongside her father for a few years before taking control, was Anne Guégniard, who is undoubtedly the modern face of the domaine. I enjoyed being able to catch up with her in early 2022, and I was delighted to find several new cuvées in the range, not to mention a new style and drive within the Domaine de la Bergerie portfolio.

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