Patrick Baudouin, 2019 Update

In the melting pot that is Anjou you can find every level of quality, and just about every style. With such a busy region, with so many different facets, it is not surprising that some vignerons and domaines can be overlooked. While over the last decade (longer in the case of some) I have followed with avid interest my favourite producers such as Richard Leroy, the sadly defunct Pithon-Paillé (although the promise held by the newly created Domaine Belargus does much to compensate me for this loss), Claude Papin (and now his sons René and Christophe), Vincent Ogereau (and now his son Emmanuel Ogereau), not to mention a slew of Savennières specialists, there are also a few domaines on which I have checked in on with less frequency. Patrick Baudouin (pictured below) is perhaps one example, but this should not be taken as an indication that his wines are of a lesser quality. Having met up with Patrick earlier this year, and last year too, I have been reminded of the exceptional character of his wines. Perhaps I should be visiting and tasting here more often?

Patrick Baudouin

Patrick Baudouin’s forte is undoubtedly dry Chenin Blanc; he has a very discrete production of moelleux wines, led by his Zersilles cuvée from Quarts de Chaume, as well as some rather elegant and surprisingly ethereal (for Anjou) reds, but it is the portfolio of dry wines which will have you coming back here for more, again and again.

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