Château Cantemerle: Vineyards

As already noted, the Château Cantemerle vineyard lies south of Margaux, in the southern parts of the Haut-Médoc appellation, and near neighbours include Château La Lagune to the south, Château Cambon-la-Pelouse to the west, and Château Belle-Vue to the north. To the east there is little of interest, just a few parcels of vines before the palus, and the Gironde beyond that.

Château Cantemerle

Having contracted to just 25 hectares during the 1980s the vineyard of Château Cantemerle today covers 94 hectares, of which 91 hectares is in full production. The soils are typical of the region, a rather sandy gravel, the material having come here from the Pyrenees, carried along by the flow of the river during the Quaternary period, before being deposited along the banks here.

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