Château Cantemerle: First Viticulture

The first evidence of viticulture at Château Cantemerle came in 1354, when the owner, now Ponset de Cantemerle, was recorded as paying a tithe, either to the church or perhaps to another nobleman, with a tonneau of clairet. Little else is known about the estate at this time though. The seigneurie seems to have been passed first to a son Gaillard de Cantemerle, then to the next generation Raymond de Cantemerle, but he died without issue, and so at this point the Cantemerle lineage seems to have come to an end.

Château Cantemerle

At this time Aquitaine was part of England’s dominion of course, as it had been since the marriage of Henry II to Aliénor d’Aquitaine in 1152, and it would remain this way until the end of the Hundred Years’ War with the battle of Castillon in 1453. Thus it was in 1369 that the seigneurie of Cantemerle was given by Edward III of England (1312 – 1377) to Louis Chabot.

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