Château Cantemerle: The Villeneuve de Durfort Era

On February 28th 1660 Louis de Villeneuve de Durfort married Marie de Cazaux, and they had a son, Emmanuel de Villeneuve de Durfort (died 1732). He married Jeanne de Moissin on December 13th 1687, and another son was produced. This was Pierre de Villeneuve de Durfort (died 1742). He was co-seigneur of Cantemerle, and he was wed to Marie-Anne de Louppes, whose mother was Marie-Anne de Pichon-Longueville, the daughter of Jacques François de Pichon-Longueville (1649 – 1731) and Thérèse des Mesures de Rauzan (born 1672), both names familiar to these pages, and to fans of Château Pichon-Baron and Château Rauzan-Ségla, among others.

Château Cantemerle

They had a daughter and a son, the latter Joseph-Emmanuel de Villeneuve de Durfort (born 1727), a conseiller in the Bordeaux parliament. On June 27th 1753 he married Jeanne Félicité de Chaperon (1733 – 1811), and they had three children. Of these the eldest was Jean de Villeneuve de Durfort (1757 – 1834), and his union with Caroline Joséphine Françoise Josèphe de Raymond de Lalande produced at least two sons, Joseph Étienne Édouard and Pierre Jules, and a daughter Jeanne Armande. It was during Jean’s tenure that more detail about the winemaking activities on the domaine begin to come to light.

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