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On this page I present a selection of old tasting notes on wines from Bollinger, one of the oldest and most renowned of all Champagne houses. Its genesis can be traced back to the early 19th century, when in 1822 a young man from Germany named Joseph Jacob Placide Bollinger, at that time still a teenager, took a job with Müller-Ruinart. In 1829 he left to form his own Champagne house, joining forces with a friend named Paul Renaudin to create Renaudin, Bollinger & Co. And thus Bollinger was born.

This has long been one of my favourite Champagne houses, so much so that during the early years of the 21st century I visited to see the harvest and pressing, as well as taste numerous cuvées. Some of the tasting notes presented here come from that visit, many others are on wines from my own cellar, or from tastings in the UK. As usual I have focused mainly on the vintage wines, as these now very dated notes may still mean something. For interest, however, I have included a few old notes on the non-vintage wines, in the few cases where I had information on the lot number or blend.

In recent years I have only tended to report on these wines in the context of anniversary tastings, such as my Fifteen, Twenty and Twenty-Five Years On reports, or as Weekend Wines, so look there for more recent notes. For other dusty old tasting notes, check out the rest of my Archive. (18/9/21)


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