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A Visit to Domaine de Juchepie, 2010

A Visit to Domaine de Juchepie, 2010

It is only very recently that I added Domaine de Juchepie to the long list of Loire domaines profiled on Winedoctor, having encountered Eddy Oosterlinck and his wife Mileine at the 2010 Renaissance tasting in Angers. Suffice to say I was impressed by the range of wines from this thoughtful and contemplative winemaker. And so when only a few months later I found myself staying in Faye d’Anjou, literally just around the corner from Eddy and his 7 hectares of vines, it was perhaps inevitable that I would be paying him a visit.

I called on Eddy late on Sunday morning the weekend after Bastille Day; Eddy had just come down from his native Belgium, and was expecting his children to visit the next day, so Sunday seemed like a mutually agreeable time for a visit. Our greetings done with, we started by taking a tour of the vineyards surrounding the Oosterlinck residence, which sits on the road running west out of Faye d’Anjou towards Mont-Benault and Beaulieu-sur-Layon.

Domaine de Juchepie

The Vineyard and Vines

The Juchepie vineyard sits in a small depression open only to the west, with the surrounding hills and slopes protecting the vines to the north, south and east.

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