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Saumur So Bio, 2022: The Reds

Saumur So Bio 2022: The Reds

Having worked my way through the white wines on show during the Saumur So Bio weekend, it is time to move on to the reds. While the Loire Valley has a reputation for its white wines, especially from the region’s many superb limestone terroirs, this tasting proved (I think) that in terms of volume in Saumur – despite being rich in brilliant Turonian limestone – it is still red that rules. The number of red wines I report on here is double the number of whites presented in the first instalment of this report. I guess we have Père Cristal to thank (or blame, depending on your point of view) for that.

Saumur So Bio 2022

As with my first report, I present all my tasting notes below, in alphabetical order according to the vigneron in question. There is one name here that did not crop up in my first report on the white wines, this being François Saint-Lô, who seems more interested in Cabernet Franc, Gamay and Grolleau than he is in Chenin Blanc. Having tasted my way through these forty wines, I headed upstairs for a masterclass featuring wines from the 2017 and 2012 vintages. After that it was back to my hire car and another white-knuckle drive back to Bordeaux; with any luck I would arrive with some time in hand to make an appointment for my pre-flight Covid-19 test, to be done before returning to the UK later in the week.

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