Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy, 2018 Update

While I don’t have time to call in on every domaine in Sancerre, one domaine I don’t like to miss out on is Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy. Although based off the beaten track up in Sury-en-Vaux, northwest of the town of Sancerre and some way from more famous villages of Bué and Chavignol, the slopes in this corner of the appellation boast some desirable terroirs, and Pascal Reverdy has worked hard to make the most of these precious soils.

Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy

Today it is sadly just Pascal (picture above) who runs the domaine, along with his wife, after his younger brother Nicolas was killed in an accident back in 2007. How anyone continues on with their lives when such tragedy strikes is beyond me, nevertheless Pascal seems to have managed just that. More than a decade on, the wines here are as good as any in the region, and the top red and white cuvées, À Nicolas and Anges Lots respectively, are two of my favourite wines in the Sancerre appellation. I would drink them with more frequency than I do, if only they were a little easier to get hold off.

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