François Crochet, 2016 Update

If any proof that Bué deserves place on the top tier of Sancerre communes alongside Chavignol is required, there is no domaine more perfectly suited to answer this question than this one. François and Carine Crochet have, for as long as I have been tasting their wines, been turning out exemplary, minerally wines with wonderful fruit purity. One feature of these wines that I always found enjoyable has been their minerally transparency, the fact that the limestone wines, from the classic caillotte-carpeted vineyards of Bué, always felt different to those from more clay-rich soils, and different again to those born on flint.

François Crochet

In the 2014 vintage, reported on in a tasting update published last year, François (pictured above) and Carine went one step further and separated out several small parcels to highlight the greatest terroirs of Bué, including Le Petit Chemarin and Le Grand Chemarin, which joined the cuvées from Le Chêne Marchand, Les Amoureuses and Exils in the 2014 vintage. I first tasted these new cuvées from vat, last year, and on this occasion I had the opportunity to taste them again, from bottle this time, along with the corresponding cuvées from the 2015 vintage.

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