François Crochet, 2015 Update

François Crochet is a regular port of call for me. Old-timers may well remember his father Robert, but François joined his side in 1998 after working in Bordeaux, Burgundy and New Zealand, and he starting flying solo in 2000. Since then the domaine has gone from strength to strength. François (pictured below), assisted by his completely charming wife Carine, now run one of the top domaines in Bué, and indeed are top tier in all Sancerre. They produce six cuvées in white, the number having climbed from four with the introduction of two new cuvées in the 2014 vintage, as well as a rosé, and they have long turned out three cuvées in red.

François Crochet

The two new white cuvées are from the lieux-dits Le Grand Chemarin and Le Petit Chemarin, and it seems only fitting that François should have some vines here as together with Le Chêne Marchand these are the ‘big three’ when it comes to the Bué vineyards. All sit at the southern end of the village, Le Chêne Marchand to the west of the road and the two Chemarins to the east, with Le Grand Chemarin closest and Le Petit Chemarin slightly more distant. All enjoy a south-facing aspect, in parts at least. Looking at the geological maps of the region they all share a similar terroir, with the desirable Kimmeridgian calcaire de Buzançais on the higher parts, with the Oxfordian calcaire lités and crayeux de Bourges as you move further down the slope. François himself goes a little further than this, distinguishing between the more friable calcaire of Le Grand Chemarin against the harder calcaire of Le Petit Chemarin.

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